1. In order to ensure the proper maintenance of the filter, you will have to clean the filtering unit every 6 months.

  2. Move your entire Ecofiltro to a sanitized area where you will clean it, without removing the filtering unit from the receptacle.

  3. With clean and freshly washed hands, put a clean cloth on a table, and place the filtering unit on it. Never touch the base of the filter, and handle it only by the rim. With a new sponge (which you will use only for the cleaning of the filer) you will clean the outside first removing any impurities, then washing the unit with filtered and purified water.  Wash the sponge again with filtered water and begin wiping the inside of the filter. Remember that the filter unit can only be washed with filtered water. NO soap or chlorine can be used.  ONLY use a new sponge and filtered water.

  4. Place two clean cloths on a table, and place the filter unit upside down on the cloths. Cover the filter with a clean cloth to prevent dust or flies from landing on the filter

  5. Rewash external parts that form the Ecofiltro (plastic water receptacle, lid, spigot), with soap and filtered water.

  6. Replace filtering UNIT EVERY TWO YEARS.


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